Someday, the passing memory 
Will be born in a scattering moment 
Even though it knows it’s decaying

Hirari, Hirari

I don’t do watercolour as much as I like to but I’m happy that I’m making progress `v`

this is a little bit late but!! happy birthday turlytron aka james!! just making use of the tagging system

another year, another aigis haha have a swell day friend and welcome to the 18+ world wishing you all the best uvu

[better quality still]

Happy 19th birthday to Castra (❁´◡`❁)

I’m scheduling this bc I’ll be asleep then i’m going out for the day lmao but happy birthday!! you’re so old wow!! "senpai you’re older tho"

I drew your queen of stars and hah i thought she was a teen but when i finished the lineart i found out she was 21 image i haven’t played ssp yet but it’s downloaded so one day„„„„

also she’s in this dress because it’s in your astra tag anyway hbd again hope you have a lovely day uvu

ps. it’s transparent + open new tab for full view bc i’m a loser who draws on a huge canvas and always forgets to resize


happy 18th birthday to the dork <3

here’s our fave marching princess which i forgot to resize again lol open in new tab or w/e hope you like and welcome to the big world image

this is… very late……i’m sorry molly i hope you can forgive me but!! happy v late bday i drew your fave space nerd

many things came up so couldn’t finish in time for your birthday or find anything to send but i hope you had a lovely day all the same and best wishes!!

also i forgot to resize it so it probs looks a bit weird bc of tumblr restrictions so yeah open in new tab or w/e i guess

**Happy 20th birthday to the most kawaii girl in the world i think i said the exact thing last year but idc my gurl calla <3333**

big smoochies also how dare u turn 20 that’s illegal i’m calling the cops sorry that’s the law but i hope you have a wonderful day also here’s a bun in space bc i’m a dumb who doesn’t know what else to do ilys xoxo

hi! this is my drawing and i’ve noticed you’ve reposted a lot of other unsourced art which i know you mean no harm by, but it would be greatly appreciated to the artists if you could add sources to your posts next time! google images and sourcenao should help you with that, or just reblogging from the original artist too :)

sources: x x


oops this is a tad late

i didn’t really draw much at all this year like a lot of the months only had one thing (august had nothing except that sketch wow) and a couple were privately sent so :^D 

idk i got p satisfied w my art later on in the year (july had so many to choose from ;-;) but yeah backgrounds….not facing left… tablet this year most defs….bring it on….


Happy 18th Birthday to Jo!

I know you’re in Malaysia and stuff rn but when you get back I hope you had a fab time and sorry this is a bit late!! It seems I’ve known you for ages but it’s only been months :”) Best wishes for the year and everything and wow 18 welcome to adulthood enjoy ur stay! I drew u Rin bc idk anyway I hope you like it~

(i was meant to finish this before you woke up for some reason i spent like an hour on the background DON’T EVEN ASK and instead you woke up to me accidentally hitting on you wow good job angie)



17 was my fave age i hope you enjoy it lots too uvu and i didn’t know who to draw and i haven’t played persona but i know you like this chicka aigis or aegis idk???? but she real cute (i started to regret character choices when i realised i had to draw her mecha things) (soz they look p crappy and i missed a few stuff it was like 4am when i did the lineart)

i know we’ve only known each other for a couple of months but i hope we can be friends for many more 


i’ll uh, write a better message later but yeah wow congrats to making it to adulthood *wipes tear* you all grow up so fast…!!

anyway for some reason i drew you another bunny girl for your birthday (gdi angie be more creative I’M SORRY) (i finished it last night bc i’m busy being famous today but ah i should have uploaded it when you were still awake oh well) and ahh it’s a bit plain but i had fun with this kind of colouring style so i hope you like it either way `v` i spent like 3 days stressing over which of your OCs to draw or whether to do waifus but then i ran out of time (lol) so idk i was like??? let’s do Thalia??? i hope you don’t mind that i gave her a different outfit djfgkld

so yeah have a great day and i hope your haircut goes well!!

love from your senpai (◠△◠✿)


It’s scientifically proven that Miya is a total cutie

idk if u meant an actual prince but ahh even though i hardly draw them i love princely outfits uvu

in which Chihiro actually does some training with the encouragement of alter ego `v`

i tried to do both gomen i have no knowledge of armour but!!! i hope you like it!!!!

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